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 *   Copyright  2008 dragchan <zgchan317@gmail.com>
 *   This file is part of FbTerm.
 *   based on GTerm by Timothy Miller <tim@techsource.com>
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 *   as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 *   of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *   Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef VTERM_H
#define VTERM_H

#include "type.h"

class VTerm {
      struct CharAttr {
            typedef enum { Single = 0, DoubleLeft, DoubleRight } CharType;

            bool operator != (const CharAttr a) {
                  return fcolor != a.fcolor || bcolor != a.bcolor || intensity != a.intensity
                        || italic != a.italic || underline != a.underline || blink != a.blink || reverse != a.reverse;
            u16 fcolor : 4;
            u16 bcolor : 4;
            u16 intensity : 2; // 0 = half-bright, 1 = normal, 2 = bold
            u16 italic : 1;
            u16 underline : 1;
            u16 blink : 1;
            u16 reverse : 1;
            u16 type : 2;

      typedef enum {
            MouseNone, MouseX11, MouseX10,
      } MouseReportType;

      typedef enum {
            CurDefault, CurNone, CurUnderline, CurLowerThird, CurLowerHalf, CurTwoThirds, CurBlock,
      } CursorType;

      typedef enum {
            CursorVisible = 1,
            CursorShape = 2,
            MouseReport = 4,
            CursorKeyEscO = 8,
            AutoRepeatKey = 16,
            ApplicKeypad = 32,
            CRWithLF = 64,
            AllModes = 0xff,
      } ModeType;

      typedef enum {
            Bell, BellFrequencySet, BellDurationSet,
            PaletteSet, PaletteClear,
            Blank, Unblank,
            LedSet, LedClear,
            VcSwitch, VesaPowerIntervalSet,
      } RequestType;

      VTerm(u16 w = 0, u16 h = 0);
      virtual ~VTerm();

      u16 w() { return width; }
      u16 h() { return height; }
      void historyDisplay(bool absolute, s32 num);
      u16 mode(ModeType type);
      void resize(u16 w, u16 h);
      void input(const u8 *buf, u32 count);
      void expose(u16 x, u16 y, u16 w, u16 h);
      void inverse(u16 sx, u16 sy, u16 ex, u16 ey);

      u16 charCode(u16 x, u16 y) { return text[get_line(y) * max_width + x]; }
      CharAttr charAttr(u16 x, u16 y) { return attrs[get_line(y) * max_width + x]; }

      virtual void drawChars(CharAttr attr, u16 x, u16 y, u16 w, u16 num, u16 *chars, bool *dws) = 0;
      virtual bool moveChars(u16 sx, u16 sy, u16 dx, u16 dy, u16 w, u16 h) { return false; }
      virtual void drawCursor(CharAttr attr, u16 x, u16 y, u16 c) {}
      virtual void sendBack(const s8 *data) {}
      virtual void modeChanged(ModeType type) {}
      virtual void historyChanged(u32 cur, u32 total) {}
      virtual void request(RequestType type, u32 val = 0) {}
      virtual void requestUpdate(u16 x, u16 y, u16 w, u16 h);

      // utility functions
      void do_normal_char();
      void do_control_char();
      void scroll_region(u16 start_y, u16 end_y, s16 num);  // does clear
      void shift_text(u16 y, u16 start_x, u16 end_x, s16 num); // ditto
      void clear_area(u16 start_x, u16 start_y, u16 end_x, u16 end_y);
      void changed_line(u16 y, u16 start_x, u16 end_x);
      void move_cursor(u16 x, u16 y);
      void update();
      void draw_cursor();
      u16 get_line(u16 y);
      u16 total_history_lines() { return history_full ? history_lines : history_save_line; }

      // terminal actions
      void set_q_mode();
      void clear_param();
      void param_digit();
      void next_param();

      // non-printing characters
      void cr(), lf(), bell(), tab(), bs();

      // escape sequence actions
      void reset();
      void keypad_numeric();
      void keypad_application();
      void save_cursor();
      void restore_cursor();
      void set_tab();
      void clear_tab();
      void index_down();
      void index_up();
      void next_line();
      void cursor_left();
      void cursor_right();
      void cursor_up();
      void cursor_down();
      void cursor_up_cr();
      void cursor_down_cr();
      void cursor_position();
      void cursor_position_col();
      void cursor_position_row();
      void insert_char();
      void delete_char();
      void erase_char();
      void insert_line();
      void delete_line();
      void erase_line();
      void erase_display();
      void screen_align();
      void set_margins();
      void respond_id();
      void status_report();
      void set_mode();
      void clear_mode();
      void enable_mode(bool);
      void set_display_attr();
      void set_utf8();
      void clear_utf8();
      void active_g0();
      void active_g1();
      void current_is_g0();
      void current_is_g1();
      void set_charset();
      void set_cursor_type();
      void linux_specific();
      void set_palette();
      void reset_palette();
      void set_led();

      CharAttr normal_char_attr();
      CharAttr erase_char_attr();

      void history_scroll(u16 num);

      static void init_state();
      static u16 init_history_lines();
      static u8 init_default_color(bool foreground);

      typedef void (VTerm::*StateFunc)();
      struct StateOption {
            u16 key;    // char value to look for, -1 = default/end
            StateFunc action; // 0 = do nothing
            const StateOption *next_state; // 0 = keep current state, -1 = return normal

      static const StateOption control_state[], esc_state[], square_state[], nonstd_state[], percent_state[], hash_state[], charset_state[], funckey_state[];
      static const StateOption *hash_control_state[], *hash_esc_state[], *hash_square_state[];
      const StateOption *current_state;
      bool normal_state;

      //utf8 parse
      u16 utf8_count;
      u32 cur_char;

      bool utf8;
      bool g0_is_current;
      u8 charset, g0_charset, g1_charset;
      u8 s_charset, s_g0_charset, s_g1_charset;

      // terminal info
      u16 *text;
      CharAttr *attrs;
      s8 *tab_stops;
      u16 *linenumbers;
      u16 *dirty_startx, *dirty_endx;
      u16 width, height, max_width, max_height;
      u16 scroll_top, scroll_bot;
      s32 pending_scroll; // >0 means scroll up

      // terminal state
      struct ModeFlag {

            u16 toggle_meta : 1;
            u16 inverse_screen : 1;

            u16 display_ctrl : 1;
            u16 crlf : 1;
            u16 auto_wrap : 1;
            u16 insert_mode : 1;
            u16 cursor_visible : 1;
            u16 cursor_relative : 1;
            u16 col_132 : 1;

            u16 applic_keypad : 1;
            u16 autorepeat_key : 1;
            u16 cursorkey_esco : 1;
            u16 mouse_report : 2;
            u16 cursor_shape : 3;
      } mode_flags;

      u16 cursor_x, cursor_y, s_cursor_x, s_cursor_y;
      CharAttr char_attr, s_char_attr;

      static CharAttr default_char_attr;
      s8 cur_fcolor, cur_bcolor, cur_underline_color, cur_halfbright_color;

      // action parameters
      #define NPAR 16
      u16 npar, param[NPAR];
      bool q_mode, palette_mode;

      static u16 history_lines;
      bool history_full;
      u32 history_save_line, visual_start_line;


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